Tattoo Valentines

Mello Smello exchangeable Valentine cards always come with something extra for the recipient. Each box of tattoo valentines come with 32 or 36 cards with matching tattoos for your classmates. Just tuck a tattoo into the slits in the card, fold over the card and seal with a heart-shaped sticker. Design themes range from trendy peace and owls, to timeless animals and sports.


3D Valentines

Mello Smello spearheaded this very popular category of Valentine cards. Just wiggle the cards up and down to watch the image zoom in closer, flip to a completely different image, or morph slowly into something else.


Make-it Play-it Valentines

Sticker Puzzle Valentines, Magnet Valentines, Etch Art Valentines, Gel Cling Valentines, Fuzzy Art Valentines, Button Valentines, Spy Decoder Valentines, Scratch ’n Smell® Valentines, Fashion and Car Designer Valentines, Foam Dangler Valentines, Glow Sticker Valentines and Glitter Foam Valentines.

Each kit comes with something extra special for your Valentine.


New for 2014:

Nail Art Valentines - Each Valentine comes with enough stickers to give your friend a fanciful manicure.
3D Puzzles – Each 3D Valentine can be disassembled into 6 pieces so the Valentine doubles as a puzzle.

Truth or Dare Valentines – Sold exclusively at Target. How daring are your friends? They have to choose to scratch off a TRUTH like “Who do you have a Crush on?” or a DARE like “Act like a gorilla for one minute.”

Wacky Glasses Valentines – Sold exclusively at Target. Each Valentine is a punch-out pair of wacky glasses that look like the eyes of a wild animal.

Paper Clip Valentines – Sold exclusively at Walmart. These card each come with a fun shaped paper clip like an airplane or a cat.


Valentine Tattoo Treats

Want to give more than just a card to your friends, but don’t want to give candy? Give a mini box of tattoos. Sold exclusively at Target in their Valentine “Party Favor” section.

Valentine Window and Wall Décor:

New for 2014:

Mirrors: Repositionable seasonally shaped mirrors to decorate your walls.

Foam Cling: These decorations combine the adhesive-free magic of window static cling, with glitter enhanced foam decorations. From the outside of the window, you'll see a cling image; from inside the window, you'll see a raised decorative glitter foam design.

Gift Sacks

Use these fun gift sacks to wrap special Valentine gifts for friends and family. These food safe sacks also make fun lunch bags to send with your kids to school. Each bag measures 6” x 11” x 3” and is printed with distinctive seasonal graphics on shiny paper. Multiple designs means there is something to appeal to everyone and at very economical prices.