Tattoo and Sticker Halloween Giveaways

Treat your trick-or-treaters to these fun alternatives to candy. 20 mini-boxes of stickers or tattoos come in each package. Kids are thrilled to receive something to play with, not just eat. With food allergies and childhood obesity increasing at an alarming rate, you can feel confident these giveaways are both healthy and safe.

3D Lenticular Card Giveaways

Pass out these 3D motion lenticular giveaways. Each sheet comes with 12 cards to pass out and amaze your trick-or-treaters. As each card is twisted, the image changes…either flipping to a second image, or zooming in close on the current image. Great alternatives or additions to candy!

13”x18” 3D Lenticular Portraits

Decorate your house for Halloween with these spooky 3D portraits. As your friends walk by, the portraits change from an “everyday” portrait to a spooky version of the same image. For example, Mona Lisa becomes a skeleton holding a black cat and Whistler’s Mother turns to bones. Each comes with a “built-in” frame so they’re ready to hang.

13”x18” 3D Lenticular Posters

These durable posters can be used to welcome your trick-or-treaters outside, or hung inside for Halloween. Some are 3-dimensional and others magically change as you walk by. For instance, the skull turns from white to a glowing green image, and a mummy and ghost appear and disappear in the haunted house.

9”x13” 3D Lenticular Posters

Give your house that special haunted look with these unique 3D posters. The green eyes follow you as you walk by while the hands seem to reach out to grab you. The mummy and graveyard posters are 3D to give a realistic effect. The haunted house changes as you walk by with spooky images appearing and disappearing.

Gift Sacks

Use these fun gift sacks to wrap special Halloween gifts for friends and family. These food safe sacks also make fun lunch bags to send with your kids to school. Each bag measures 6” x 11” x 3” and is printed with distinctive seasonal graphics on shiny paper. Multiple designs means there is something to appeal to everyone and at very economical prices.